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Personal Healthcare Assistants

Personal Healthcare Assistants

DID YOU KNOW? As an AssociatesMD patient with Bright Health Insurance you have access to a Personal Healthcare Assistant?

Advocating for YOU

Your physicians and healthcare provider team at AssociatesMD know that it may be challenging to navigate through the complex world of healthcare access and delivery. It can be emotional and complicated. This is especially the case when we are not feeling well. Introducing your Personal Healthcare Assistant (PHA)– here to help support you and coordinate your care.

What support may I expect from my PHA?

As your Personal Healthcare Assistant, your PHA will work with you to set up your medical appointments, help you fill out and understand complicated medical paperwork, help you to work with insurance providers to determine payment options, and may help facilitate the execution of treatment plans created by doctors and nurses. PHAs coordinate efforts between physicians when there are needs for multiple avenues of care. Your PHA’s may also provide you with a variety of services, including but not limited to, scheduling your annual preventive visits and specialist appointments, filling prescription refills, and following your provider’s care plan.

Contact your PHA to learn more or 1-954-876-9008.