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Carolyn Maldonado-Garcia, MD

Primary Care


Dr. Maldonado-Garcia is a seasoned general practitioner with 14 years of experience in internal medicine and medical directorship where she has developed innovative solutions to the complex issues facing patient care. As a proud graduate of the prestigious Ponce School of Medicine and Health Sciences in Ponce, Puerto Rico, Dr. Maldonado-Garcia earned her Doctor of Medicine degree in 2006, laying the foundation for her distinguished medical career. She further honed her skills and knowledge through residency training at Mount Sinai Medical Center, South Beach, completing her residency in 2007.

Dr. Maldonado-Garcia has firmly established herself as a prominent primary care physician in South Florida, garnering professional respect and influence within the community through her diverse and multifaceted career. Motivated by a commitment to enhancing patient care and clinical practices, she has pursued a range of positions within the medical field.

Her journey includes significant roles as a wound care specialist, clinical research primary care investigator, and regional medical director, each contributing substantial value and integrity to her present primary care practice. These varied experiences have equipped her with a comprehensive understanding of healthcare dynamics, allowing her to deliver individualized and effective care to her patients. Dr. Maldonado-Garcia's unwavering dedication to advancing medical practice and her pursuit of excellence emphasize her commitment to improving the health and well-being of those she serves.

Dr. Maldonado-Garcia is fluent in both English and Spanish, allowing her to effectively communicate and connect with a diverse patient population, fostering trust and understanding in her medical practice. With her experience, unwavering dedication, and proficiency in multiple languages, Dr. Maldonado-Garcia continues to make significant contributions to healthcare, improving the lives of those she serves daily.

Cypress Creek Primary Care (Fort Lauderdale)
2122 NW 62nd Street, Suite 110
Fort Lauderdale, FL 33309